Cosmology of Airis

Religion in Airis

Pantheons of Airis

Gods of the Elements

Elmeos God of the Elements
Avemosa Goddess of Air
Geanos God of Earth
Hudar God of Water
Pyr Goddess of Fire

Gods of the Energies

Livanas Goddess of Life
Denumas Goddess of Death
Thaddius God of Healing
Nazrath God of Necromancy

Gods of the Races

Elunas Goddess of Elvenkind
Frodemier God of Halflings
Golmish God of Gnomes
Moreth God of Dwarvenkind
Yahwhen Goddess of Humankind

Gods of the Mundane

Aspacious God of the Artisan
Glittermar God of the Merchant
Gothalmos God of the Home
Hodus Goddess of Travel
Litimus Goddess of Knowledge
Marthus God of War

The Dragonkind Religion

Airis and the Planes


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